About Bluethumb

Bluethumb is a brand consultancy comprised of specialists in the field of branding, communications, graphic design, digital, and retail spaces. They partner with organizations in building strong human brands that connect with people on a deeper level. Their mission is to help business leaders uncover their brand’s compelling purpose which transforms it to add real value to people’s lives.

The Role

The team is looking for a well-rounded designer for cohesive and experiential spaces who can connect brands and people.

The Retail Space Designer creates experiences that communicate the purpose of the brand in different commercial environments, ranging from retail, office, trade shows, events, signage and wayfinding, to production design. You will work from planning and conceptualization, development and finalization, until construction and delivery of these intentional spaces.

The Opportunity

  • Work with a collaborative team of designers, strategists, and writers
  • Work on a wide range of branding projects that add real value to people’s lives
  • Build brands that have the potential for high visibility and reach
  • Help transform a business into a brand that endures
  • Design human-centered spaces that enhance a person’s experience of a brand

Key Traits

Empathic Creative

  • The spaces you design meets the purpose of the brand and the needs of its audience.
  • You put the user first, ensuring sound space-planning and efficient traffic flow across the space.
  • You understand human scale—designing environments and structures with ergonomics as a priority.

Skilled Visualizer

  • Years of experience allow you to create impressive visualizations of your ideas through sketches or digitally-rendered images.


  • You have keen attention to detail, whether big or small.
  • You can efficiently specify detailed drawings and layouts for the construction of spaces, constantly checking professional standards and feasibility, to ensure that the creative vision is delivered in the best quality.

People Person

  • You work well with people from different fields—from designers, furniture suppliers, to contractors and workers alike.
  • You are open and approachable, and in turn this helps you in finding and maintaining partners to complete the work.


  • You know your resources well, and can provide estimates to better assess the value of each project.


  • You can lead projects to completion by effectively managing time and resources.
  • Through on-site inspections and ingress & egress supervisions, you make sure projects accurately match the plans.

Biased Towards Completion

  • Your desire to push boundaries fuels you in bringing concepts to life.


  • With willingness to learn and share knowledge, you are eager to try new things and constantly innovate in the way you do things.

Job Requirements

A Strong Portfolio

    • Provide your website URL or upload sample works in PDF through our website
    • Include works ranging from sketches, concepts, photos, renders, to construction drawings
  • 1 to 3 years of relevant professional experience in any of the following fields: architecture, interior design, production design, exhibition design
  • A license or certification is a plus

To Apply

Interested applicants should write a compelling cover letter and share sample works by attaching PDF files below. Sample works that exceed the maximum file size of 10 MB will not be accepted.