Vision to Action Coaching


Feeling stuck isn't the best business situation

As a business owner it can be tough to try and figure things out on your own, to feel like you have the weight of the entire company on your shoulders as you navigate the new normal. 

During the quarantine period, we met several business leaders who sought us for advise and solutions. Each had a unique set of challenges and mindsets while they share a common struggle of moving forward with all the uncertainty brought by the pandemic. We had to act fast and develop a framework that can help them free their thinking and implement ideas with the resources that they have.

It was initially planned to offer coaching exclusively to our clients but we realized that if more businesses can get back on their feet faster, then it will also benefit our economy to rise from this crisis sooner.

Think beyond survival.Act on the right opportunities.

We designed this to guide progressive leaders who want to thrive in the future normal.

Gain clarity

Come up with clear short and long term goals for the business.

Rebuild your confidence

Take the right actions in order to reach your goals and address your challenges faster.

Thrive with certainty

Focus your energy and resources on the most crucial aspects of your business.

What's included

3-hour one-on-one Online Session

Tailor-fit guidance and insights for your brand and business using the Vision to Action Framework.

Vision to Action Plan

A clear & organized plan for success that aligns your vision with the right actions.

Session Recording

High quality audio and video recording, for you to review anytime

Brand Strength Assessment—Lite

Get an overall diagnosis of your Brand Strength

Your Coaches

Cherry Kho

Brand Experience Director

Cherry guides visionary leaders in building resilient organizations with a strong brand.

In 2014, as a result of taking a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business, she developed an integrated end-to-end process in brand-building that can solve organizational misalignment. In her practice as a designer and strategist, she has continuously provided guidance and tools for brands to achieve a unified identity both locally and internationally for over 23 years.

She and her team have been trusted by over 300 brands across 15 industries, some of which are listed within the Top 500 of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Raymond Yap PikHwee

Business Coach

Raymond believes the philosophy of “give to gain”.  He believes in supporting and grooming his clients and students to be successful.

Raymond is a qualified Practicing Management Consultant for Business Excellence (SPRING-Singapore) and Service-Class (SPRING-Singapore). He is an experienced certified Executive Coach and has helped the Singapore Armed Forces since November 2007.  He has since then coached more than 60 senior military officers.  He has certifications for coaching from the Stolmack Group Pte Ltd (Australia), University of Lancaster (UK) and Erickson Coaching International (Canada).

He is also an established TetraMap® Master Facilitator certified by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, who are the founders of the TetraMap®.  He is also a certified facilitator for MBTI and SDI profiling tools.  In addition, he is a certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.

Extra Support

Tools and resources to help you in your journey to business resilience

Interactive Online Templates

Continue to fine-tune or apply this framework for future challenges and goals. Share it with your team so you can work together for solutions.

2-hour Business Continuity Workshop

Plan a crisis management, prevention and recovery system for your business with our certified business consultant from Singapore.

Vision to Action Case Studies

Learn from the success of both local and international leaders of strong brands

Vision to Action Webinar Video

Learn from the stories and discover insights from leaders who experienced the Vision to Action Coaching session.

Resource Guide 

A list of books, video articles, and other materials we have used over the years to develop the right mindset and maintain our sense of clarity, confidence, and certainty.

Get expert guidance with Vision to Action Coaching

If you are feeling stuck, or you see a lot of opportunities but are unsure of which to pursue, we can have this one-on-one session—following a tried and tested framework that has helped business leaders navigate the pandemic.

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  • ✓ 3-hour one-on-one Online Session
  • ✓ Vision to Action Plan
  • ✓ Brand Strength Assessment—Lite
  • ✓ High quality audio and video recording
  • ✓ Extra Support—tools and resources for business resilience

The Vision to Action Toolkit

We designed a DIY workbook for entrepreneurs who feel confident that they can do it on their own. Get started on clarifying your vision, goals, strengths, and translating all of that into an actionable plan for your business. 

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