Trade shows are a great opportunity for business owners to promote products and services. Being present in these events will benefit you if you’re looking to expand your business—and ultimately, your brand.  However, a simple booth alone is not enough to hold people’s interest.

Your goal is to create a full experience for the people meeting your brand for the first time. Align how you look, what you give away, and what the people encounter when they drop by in order to stand out from the rest.

Below are the benefits you can reap with a complete and well-branded trade show booth:

Grab attention and draw interest with a well-designed and planned layout

The front of the booth replicates the store’s entrance

The design is a simulation of the store experience

The Quicklean booth at the Franchise Expo 2016

The details also add to the overall experience

Quicklean Exhibit Booth Design Philippines Award

People who go to trade shows are on the lookout for new contacts they can work with in the future. They visit each booth with a purpose to see what your brand has to offer. If your booth looks nowhere near interesting, they would probably just skip to the next one they see. Simulate the experience you offer and you can even create mini-games that will make them stay longer. With a well-branded booth, you have already conquered half the battle by enticing the attendees to come to you.

Strengthen brand recognition and loyalty

Pili at the PhilBeauty Expo 2015

True to the product, the booth depicts and organic and nature-inspired look

Pili Exhibit Booth Design Philippines Award

A well-branded booth stays in the minds of the people who see and experience it because of its authenticity. Booths that look generic are hard to differentiate from one another. Moreover, if your booth doesn’t speak of your brand, you will have a hard time explaining your purpose to confused attendees—precious time you could have used to convert them into clients. If you do run out of time, give them something to take home to remind them of your brand.

Promote your company's image

Front of the produced booth

Back of the produced booth

Sobida Exhibit Booth Design Philippines Award

A trade show booth can either make or break your brand image. No one wants to be remembered as the brand whose booth speaks of a different industry. Communicate who you are at a glance and people would not need to look twice to understand what it is that you stand for.

Boost credibility

JG Summit Exhibit Booth Design Philippines Award

Trade shows are also a good avenue to exhibit the awards and accomplishments your brand has achieved. These events also let you communicate with your prospects on the spot because you get to meet and persuade them face-to-face. Developing business leads is as easy as talking to the next person who enters your well-branded booth. If you’re busy with a client, it helps to have posters or other decals up so people can explore your brand even while they wait.

Communicate your company’s message and objectives

James Hardie Exhibit Booth Design Philippines Award

A well-branded booth tells the attendees who you are and narrates your story. People are attracted to things that resonate with them, and if your booth has something that they can connect with, it can help make you look and sound much more authentic. It does not necessarily have to be written but similarly with the first benefit, build or simulate an experience for your audience so that they can imagine where your brand fits in their lives. Make the booth do the talking for you.

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