Last July 16-17, 2022 Bluethumb joined the Franchise & Entrep Expo at Xavier School San Juan. Here we recap some noteworthy insights from our talk.

What does it mean to be future-proof?

Pandemics, disasters, rising gas prices…challenges like these are an inevitable part of our present and future.

Instead of stressing over the things that we can’t control, let’s ask ourselves—what can we do to make ourselves stronger and more valuable? We’ve heard the saying “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Athletes train daily even when there’s no competition to keep their bodies in top shape, to be ready to perform their best in any present or future event. In a similar way, we believe that the best way to future-proof your business to win any challenge is by gearing your everyday actions towards building a strong, valuable brand.

20 years ago, we developed the direction, name and brand identity of Fruitas—assets which they continue to use and evolve as they grow their business to this day. Conquering multiple crises over the years, they remain to be one of the most recognizable and well-loved food brands in the country, with over 500 branches nationwide. In 2019, they were valued at 2 billion pesos on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

They say that the diamond is the strongest rock and that it increases in value and beauty due to heat and pressure. For us, becoming a strong brand is about chipping off the things that don’t serve you, and polishing the things that do, so you can shine your brightest. Rather than copying others, it’s important to reflect on what you really value in life—who you really are, your likes and dislikes, and who you want to be. Being aware of what makes you unique can help you know what activities you should focus on to reach your true potential.

A strong brand is your most valuable asset

A commodity is defined as a raw material with no identifiable mark or name. Customers can’t tell them apart and these products always compete on price instead of value.

Brands, on the on the other hand, have a distinct name, color, or packaging that identifies what makes a product or service special or superior. This gives them a unique advantage over others who serve and engage with the same audience. Thus, a brand can develop loyal customers who will always choose them, even when there are other newer or cheaper alternatives.

Nowadays however, many brands are saturating the shelves and the digital landscape—making it difficult for customers to choose who is the best for them. Having a logo, packaging, or website is no longer enough as a differentiator. Brands have become commodities that can be easily replaced with alternatives offering better design, packaging, and lower prices.

How can you tell if your brand is currently an asset to your business? We’ve narrowed it down to 5 questions that you can ask yourself—

  1. Is it helping you gain more awareness and visibility?
  2. Is it giving you preference and engagement?
  3. Is it helping you grow & scale the business?
  4. Does it have a world-class design that helps you (compete) on the global stage?
  5. Is it helping you build a community of loyal employees, customers, and business partners?

Start with a clear & powerful vision

A strong brand can be your most valuable asset—it all starts with a clear & powerful vision from the entrepreneur. With the world becoming more connected than ever, so should the way businesses solve challenges that impact the communities they operate in: Holistic. Integrated. Sustainable.

Are we making the best use of our energy, or are we draining it with actions that are inauthentic to us? This question is what pushed us to redefine what success is at Bluethumb and for our clients. We believe that having the 5 pillars of Purpose, People, Product, Planet, and Prosperity in forming our vision is what makes every day of our team’s time worthwhile.

  • Purpose – At the heart of my business is the genuine intention to solve a gap in my world.
  • People – We are creating a community of people who believe and thrive around this shared purpose.
  • Product – Our unique strengths reflect in the quality and integrity of our products.
  • Planet – I am conscious and responsible for how my business impacts the world and its resources.
  • Prosperity – Profit is fuel for us to scale our impact and enrich the lives of more people.

Discover the five P’s and other valuable frameworks in our Vision to Action Toolkit

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It is possible to scale a business without taking the five pillars into consideration. But we believe with these guiding principles you and your people will be able to earn and do business with more joy, ease, excellence, and confidence. This is “heaven on earth”—when everyone in the ecosystem understands how each contributes to the whole’s success.

Whether you already have a clear vision that you want to bring to reality, or you’re still trying to figure out where you want to bring your business, we have solutions that may be of value to you. Click here to learn more