Brands need to find creative ways to deliver their brand promise to their audience. One way is to adapt the best delivery practices.

We’re seeing a recovering world easing community restrictions as doors slowly open up again. However, a recent global survey from McKinsey & Company measured that net consumer optimism has decreased. This means consumers are more pessimistic about the economy’s recovery, and are still expecting COVID-19 to affect their daily lives for the next four months or so.

Forming authentic connections now

Foot traffic isn’t the same as before, and it’ll be some time for the numbers to rise again. Business strategies need to evolve with consumer expectations. Brands can leverage their strengths to help consumers during this time. One way is to adapt the best delivery practices.

Creating a good delivery experience

The lack of the physical store experience means that delivery initiatives become the primary way for consumers to experience the brand. Businesses that were heavily reliant on their physical experiences must find a way to continue delivering what they promised to their consumers — in new and inventive ways.

How strong brands deliver

McDonald’s No-Touch Delivery

McDelivery Philippines implemented its No-Touch Delivery system as soon as the quarantine began. Through an announcement, they detailed their new delivery process, reassuring customers that their food is clean and safe — from their store to your door. In a pandemic, safety is the number one priority for every consumer. 

Uber Connect

A company committed to moving people is asking its stakeholders not to move. The multinational pivoted its services to instead move what matters now. Uber declared that they will “continue to leverage our technology to quickly adapt and meet the changing needs of our business partners and customers.”

The Moment Group

Along with launching MomentFood, the local F&B Operator and Developer has kept its loyal patrons up-to-date on its latest developments and initiatives during quarantine. They released guidelines, special menus, and other important announcements. This kept their customers on the loop, making sure they didn’t miss any moment.

3 Ways Brands Can Strengthen Delivery Efforts 

Prioritize safety

Safety of customers is the baseline for every business that aspires to come out of the crisis. Brands need to promote as well as practice extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Welcome innovation

There is no better and more pressing time to rethink old ways than now. Consider how your innovation relates to your values or mission as a brand, too. Your new efforts still need to be well-integrated into your brand, pivoting doesn’t have to be without purpose. 

Communicate effectively

Even if a brand manages to adapt, if the company fails to communicate this to their customers, then it is wasted effort. This is easy to overlook but it is as important as taking concrete actions.

When brands practice these 3 things, the end result may not just increase sales or awareness, but also establish trust — a deeper and rare feeling in times of uncertainty like today. 
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