Brands need to rethink how they engage with their online community to rise above the digital noise.

With people spending more days at home, there has been a significant rise in the consumption of digital media. The shift in consumer behavior also brings an increased amount of online engagement. Consumers are spending longer hours on social media, thus they’re more likely to interact with brands. People have become more discerning, and not only because they have more time to do so. The global crisis led consumers to be more mindful of their purchases, and who they’re purchasing from.

Banking on Customer Experience

People remember their experiences and attach emotions to the situation they’re in. Delivering the best customer experience translates to more than just revenue. It is giving consumers a brand they can count on during an uncertain time, it is establishing trust when there’s a lack of it. 

Nurturing an Online Community

The main purpose of social media is to build a community for your brand. Nurturing this sense of community online starts with the way you communicate with your audience. Being a trusted communicator is the secret to achieving success right now.

Brands and Social Media in Times of Crisis

Social media keeps individuals and communities connected, especially when the pandemic demands that people stay physically separated. Our shared experiences have suddenly moved to digital. Online platforms also allow consumers to learn the latest news — even as they’re happening. Brands can become a source of credible information, combating the spread of fear and misinformation. An online presence allows brands and businesses to extend support to where their audience is. 

We took note of these brands who stood out for their best practices in social media. 

Philippine Airlines

PAL is known for being “The Heart of the Filipino.” When the quarantine measures in the Philippines eased and airports slowly opened up again, PAL declared “New Normal, Same Heart.” When they announced their safety measures, their headline read “Keeping you safe always.” Notice how they shifted their messaging to fit the current situation, and how they focused on the customer’s experience, rather than patting themselves on the back.


Never one to shy away from frank yet witty posts, the motorcycle-hailing platform kept their fun online persona even when the situation went dire. From announcing their pivot to food delivery to asking for donations for their riders, they stayed on-brand. This evidently paid off with the engagement and support they received for their transparency and smart use of humor.

The New York Public Library

The NYPL upholds its mission to “inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen communities” through its Instagram profile. The library found a way to bring its offline resources to the people, creating an online database and promoting it with an active online presence.

How brands can rise above the digital noise

1. Be responsive

Be the first one to reach out and engage with your audience online. This goes from messages to comments on posts. Communicate with empathy by keeping up with current events to inform your messaging strategy. 

2. Be relevant

Don’t expect positive engagement from your audience when you don’t talk about what’s important for them now. When you create meaningful and valuable content, people will pay attention and listen. 

3. Be reliable

It’s one thing to say that your brand cares for its stakeholders, but it’s another to match it with your actions. Being consistently reliable also builds your credibility as a trusted brand

Good branding builds trust and gives your customers assurance during an uncertain time. These are the factors that make up the intangible foundation of your brand’s journey.

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