Sujata S. Mukhi has over three decades of work experience, and has had exposure to both for profit and non-profit organizations. She has assisted non-profits develop administrative and marketing systems to achieve sustainability over the long term.

She has also organized forums, workshops and seminars on bio-dynamic agriculture, early education, integrative health and anthroposophic medicine, and summer programs for educational centers. Her areas of expertise lie in training and communication having managed communication projects, and conducted training and consulting needs analysis through interviews and focus group discussions.   

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Bonding with my Dawggie and kitties! And wondering what surprises the day will bring.

What for you is your most meaningful achievement as a leader so far?

Finding the courage to continue on with the organization that was about to close down, and collaborating with a team to make sure that it didn’t.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business, but are having challenges with it now?

Practice having the guts to fail. Practice thinking big. Practice seeing beyond the obstacles. Practice trust and patience. Practice acknowledging your doubts and anxieties about the future, and know that these feelings come and go, and that your vision need not be anchored on them. Find and work with people who believe in your vision – not yesmen, but those who can give you honest feedback and can see what you see for your company.

Being a progressive leader means ________.

that you understand that you are primarily in the business of service: to your people, to your stakeholders, your community, your family, and yourself, in the highest possible sense. This means that you are open to new ways of doing things, but never losing sight that all of this is to bring something of value to the world.

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