With 27 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Melodee has been a part of several notable brands (Jollibee, Shakey’s, Gerry’s Grill, Project Pie, Banhnam and Nha Em), helping them achieve results through her expertise in operations management, employee training, product development, and strategic planning.

Today, as the Chief Operations Officer of Tapa King, she continues to lead her team in delivering the brand promise and building a resilient & sustainable organization.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My Family, my work, surprises for the day. Everyday is a chance to learn again.

What for you is your most meaningful achievement as a leader so far?

Making the lives of my team better than before professionally, and it’s a bonus to see them growing as a person and paying it forward too

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business, but are having challenges with it now?

  1. Check how deep your pocket is. Your decision as to how long you can still stretch depends on your financial capacity today
  2. See what is the full potential of the brand, is there more to it?
  3. Always do the math, all your decisions should be backed up by numbers
  4. Ensure that your team understood your direction. Are they ready for it? What will it take for them to execute your plan?
  5. Always monitor the results, plan ahead and be ready for what could go wrong too.

Being a progressive leader means ________.

  1. You acknowledge the potential of your team, and allow them to grow with the brand. This is not just about you or your brand, it is also about them
  2. Knowing your people. If you don’t know your people, you do not know your business. Because they are an integral part of the business
  3. Being open for changes, always seeing the opportunity in danger, accepting ideas before you criticize
  4. Delivering the expected results at the bare minimum.
  5. Being ahead of the game.
  6. You learn from others and benchmark.

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