Despite all the uncertainty, business leaders with the vision to grow will always find inventive ways to break through the crisis.

These past few months have been difficult for everyone across the world. As leaders of companies and organizations, we all know how each of us struggles to keep our business alive, our products relevant, and our families fed.

Amidst all these, we need to keep our heads high and clear. It is a fascinating fact that the best ideas are born in moments of desperation and uncertainty. Successful brands like Microsoft, Disney, and FedEx were conceived and built during times of recession.

Progressive leaders with the unyielding mindset to advance their cause and grow their business will always strive to find meaningful ways to be better versions of themselves — both in thinking and in doing.

Here we share why brands with progressive leaders translate their growth mindset to concrete actions that lead to the success of their business.

Leading your people

Progressive leaders know that identifying their business goals is just the tip of the iceberg. To realize their vision, they understand that they need to bring their people together — at the same speed and cadence.

Strong teams, headed by leaders with the mindset to grow, can take on challenges far bigger than they could handle alone and deliver results far more than expected. Brands like Zappos, Google, and Hubspot have proven that effective leadership brings the best in their people and their company.

As the leader of your organization, ask yourself: How can I bring out the best in my people? How can we achieve our shared goals together?

Fine-tuning your systems

A strong, determined team is best complemented with an equally strong system to run your business. But due to the pandemic, many of our existing ones may need tinkering to meet the new needs of our customers and employees.

If you haven’t already, today is the best time to start checking in on the crucial processes of your business. Most likely, some might need adjustments to cater to the new normal. Be open to making small changes, or even creating an entirely new system, that would work best for both your customers and your employees.

Ponder: How can we continue delivering our promise to our customers? How can I help my people achieve this?

Evolving your business

Most business owners see the crisis as an obstacle stopping them from reaching their goals. However, business leaders with the vision to grow can see this as a perfect opportunity to evolve for the better.

Progressive business leaders understand the value of taking this moment to rethink their business, the products they offer, and the promise they strive to fulfill to their community. They are slowing down for now, so that they could speed up afterward.

Companies like Starbucks and Nike have begun adjusting major parts of their business and branding to stay relevant and address the new challenges brought by the new normal.

In your case, how would you like your business to evolve in this crisis?

Moving your business forward

In a time of decline and uncertainty, all these issues are enough to shake even the most courageous leaders. But if we remain focused and keep a progressive mindset, our thinking will lead to more intentional actions.

Over time, this combination of progressive thinking and doing can lead to the growth of your business, your team, and your brand.