Last week, Bluethumb partnered with Francorp to host a webinar for business leaders who aspire growth during these trying times. Here we recap some noteworthy insights on how branding can inspire success through trust and confidence. 

Essential vs. Non-essential

From established companies to startups, the pandemic has forced us to divide businesses into two: essential and non-essential. The world defined ‘essential’ as things you needed to consume for survival. People were spending on essentials and hesitated on things that they felt are not valuable.

What truly is an ‘essential’?

Perhaps we’re forgetting something. Happiness, fulfillment, growth, and belonging — aren’t these things an essential part of our lives as well? While basic necessities allow us to survive, these emotional needs are what keep us feeling alive.

Redefine the value of your products

As business leaders, you must be able to see the deeper value that your products or services bring to your customers. Your products may satisfy these basic needs, but strong brands go above and beyond that. Progressive brands appeal to the emotional need of their customers — rather than just sell their products.

People go to Starbucks not to just drink coffee, but to experience the warmth of great customer service, kickstart their productivity, or relax after a hard day’s work. And for their customers, those intangible needs were just as essential.

Knowing this, ask yourself: how can your business provide more than just the basic needs? How do you take advantage of your unique strengths to provide value to your community?

Happiness in a time of uncertainty

Last year, when we worked with Minute Burger for their rebrand, the goal was to communicate their existing strengths. But we knew that to resonate with its millennial community, the idea has to revolve around a greater purpose — Everyday Happiness.

This was the north star that guided us and Minute Burger in the rebranding project. And it has helped the business gain growth not only in social media, but also in its franchise and delivery endeavors.

Since they are already clear on their branding, Minute Burger has managed to minimize the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Instead of being distracted, they remained faithful to their promise of giving Everyday Happiness to their people. Minute Burger prioritized the safety and cleanliness of their food and kept their products accessible in-store and via delivery.

In a time of uncertainty, their social media pages have also provided much-needed humor and happiness among its community.

Communicate your value

In a time of unknowns and confusion, branding can set a clear direction to business growth and success. Just like in the case of Minute Burger, knowing what you stand for could help you identify and communicate your value. 

Not only does branding and design make you look credible and trustworthy, but it also helps people remember you for the unique value that you bring. Communicate this consistently and connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Oatly, an oat milk brand centered on fun and authenticity, stayed true to their brand by launching an online campaign that helped people deal with lockdown stress and cabin fever.

Brand-led decisions for growth

We recently worked with Tapa King, a brand well-loved by many for their tapa dishes. Their challenge was that they were no longer resonating with the younger generation, and were seen on the same level as cheaper fast food chains.

After a year of collaborating with the business leaders and customers, we re-emerged with a brand that brought out their unique strengths and personality — one that was centered around the kind of care customers need — the warm Filipino care and attention you receive when visiting a Filipino home.

We helped them bring out their unique strengths and personality and translate it across their offline and online materials.

Along the way, the leaders and employees of the brand became more confident in making decisions, because now they know who they are as a brand — what their strengths, visions, and values are.

Achieve growth from trust and confidence

In a time of uncertainty, people are more hesitant in spending their limited resources. With a well-designed brand that remains true to your purpose, people are more confident in trusting and supporting your cause.

For progressive business leaders like you, this is an opportune time to build trust and confidence among your community to achieve growth and success.

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