Creating happiness in every bite

Minute Burger is a burger chain that has been around for more than 30 years with over 600 stores nationwide. It was established in the belief of providing affordable and quality food for its customers.


From the inside out

We were originally approached by Minute Burger to redesign their food packaging. Insights from a preliminary research and a series of meetings with them helped us discover bigger challenges to address.

While the brand was known for providing value in its products and have a steady social media presence with high engagements from their Millennial target market, this resonance was not carried over in the store experience. In order to establish this relevance and edge they have over competitors, we concluded that consistency was needed to be implemented both online and offline in order for the brand to truly make its mark.


Filling, positive experiences

We worked together with the founder and the heads of Minute Burger in order to have a definitive idea that can solidify their identity. We built a brand strategy which positioned Minute Burger as a fun and adventurous brand with a clear purpose centered on creating everyday happiness through quality and affordable food that people can share with their loved ones. This became our basis in developing a distinct and stronger brand identity that was applied to the store experience, packaging, and motion graphics. Detailed brand guidelines were also written to align everyone involved in the implementation of the rebrand.



During its rebrand launch in the International Franchise Expo, Minute Burger received a 20% increase on their sign-ups from interested franchisees. In general, people warmly accepted and supported them.

Minute Burger started to implement its rebrand last March and is currently being rolled out on its franchise stores across the Philippines.


Minute Burger


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