Adding nostalgic warmth to your homestyle meals

Tapa King is a 32 year old brand that is well-loved by many for their tapa dishes. The business owners wanted to elevate the brand experience to attract a new market along with plans to expand locally and in key locations abroad.

Staying relevant to a younger market

They had efforts to improve their menu and store experience. However, because they did not have a clear direction, these did not translate seamlessly across different parts of the brand. The brand had a hard time resonating with the younger generations, who failed to see Tapa King’s value. The fast-casual restaurant was seen on the same level as cheaper fast-food chains, with lackluster food and service.

A warm and welcoming new direction

The goal was to refocus the brand, which had over the years lost sight of what made them special. After collaborating with the owners, leaders, employees, franchisees, and customers of the brand, we were able to uncover the company’s unique strengths. Together, we distilled the brand essence of Pinoy Bisita Hospitality—that special mark of care and attention one receives when visiting a Filipino home. 

Apart from defining a clear direction, we also helped them translate it consistently across all the different assets of the brand—from the food, photography, and packaging, to their store design and service guidelines, as well as their website and social media channels.

Brighter mornings ahead
Tapa King regained their credibility as a tapa specialist and welcomed over 23,000 new followers on social media within 2-weeks of launch. They were even able to attract several new local & international franchisees over the pandemic, who saw great potential in the brand’s progressive direction. Moreover, the rebrand boosted the employees’ sense of pride and ownership in the brand; they looked forward to proudly delivering the new Tapa King experience to more customers.


Tapa King


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