Businesses need to communicate their value and build credibility as we navigate the new normal. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about disruptions that resulted in both short-term and long-term consequences for global industries. There is no doubt that the past months have been an endurance test for brands.

For the packaging industry, sustainability moved away from the forefront with the rise of hygiene and safety concerns. The pandemic triggered rapid shifts in consumer behavior. Most noteworthy, perhaps, is the demand for e-commerce. Even packaging now needs to be optimized for digital channels, requiring it to be “three to four times more robust than traditional on-the-shelf packaging.”

Packaging as Protection

Insight from McKinsey & Company suggests that packaging designs that address hygiene and consumer-safety concerns will be favored. By definition, a business functions to address the needs of consumers. What consumers need now is a brand that they can trust during a time full of fear and uncertainty.

Credibility builds trust

It is more important now to build and establish business credibility to thrive in the post-COVID world. Now more than ever, consumers need to feel that they can trust the brands they incorporate into their lives. Every purchase is an investment for a better chance of survival. 

Towards a Distinct & Credible Design

The concept of branding originated to identify the makers of the goods, marking meat or livestock. This practice informed buyers’ decisions — knowing where their goods came from and more importantly, whether to trust the vendors or not. Branding served to distinguish, even from the beginning. 

Through decades of transformation, branding has now evolved into an Experience Economy. It’s no longer just about the logo and the product. Branding encompasses the full experience: product, packaging, space, stakeholders, social media, reviews, recommendations, ambassadors. The combination of these points of interaction determine whether consumers become and stay loyal to the brand.

Minute Burger increases franchise inquiries of up to 20% through a rebrand.

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When even one material is inconsistent with the rest of the experience, it can cause serious repercussions. The truth of the matter is that customers will always have a say, and people are more likely to be vocal about negative feedback.

A brand is the sum of its singular moving parts, that which creates the seamless experience for the consumer. Trust doesn’t happen with one good product or experience. Consistency is crucial. The physical product is inseparable from the digital experience. This is the Experience Economy.

To stand apart in this oversaturated market, it is not enough to connect with your audience. People need to be able to trust your brand.

Bread & Butter launches delightful rebrand, with sales up by 20%.

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Actions for the future 

A well-designed packaging can communicate the credibility of your brand, which in turn gains the trust of the customer. The packaging not only houses your product, but also communicates its value.

To stand apart in this oversaturated market, it is not enough to connect with your audience. People need to be able to trust your brand.

To emerge stronger from the crisis, it is imperative to adapt to the needs of the consumer. It is a balancing act of taking sustainable actions for your business and providing solutions for your consumers. 

Bluethumb believes in business resilience through branding. 

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